Picnic Word for mobile is a simple but great game that develops your vocabulary and imagination, not to mention you will be having fun with it, as the fans say. The advantage of Picnic Word is that it is free and you will enjoy creating many new words with it. So, if you want to improve your cognitive skills that make you think better, this is the right game for you. And you can relax at the same time.

The principle of Picnic Word is that you just have to drag your finger over the letters that you think form a word. You'll find hundreds of unique levels and endless words to help you improve your expression level and vocabulary in an interactive and fun way. The game also has no time limit, so you don’t have to rush anywhere! If you play every day, you can also collect daily bonuses. Plus, you don't have to be online. The game will shorten your waiting or traveling because you can play it offline!

Picnic Word is a part of the 'Word Snack' and 'Word Picnic' series, created by APNAX Industries. There is no doubt that you will love it, too.

If you need advice, this site will give you all the right answers and words, because it's not always easy. All correct answers are in Czech and are available for all difficulty levels. You will find all the words for Picnic Word depending on the level you are currently dealing with. You can navigate easily on our site and search by words or levels.

Have fun!

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