Anyone who adds the right solution to an unfinished level will participate in the weekly draw 5€.

Rules: Only add levels that are not already listed on the page. Each post is manually reviewed, with Level number and Words from this level required. If you fill in your e-mail, you will participate in the weekly draw. The draw will take place every week, usually on Sundays, with all current contributors for the current week. The draw will include the following answers: a) that are correct and complete, b) the answer that was added first, c) where a working e-mail is filled in. The prizes will be sent to a bank account in the Czech Republic or to PayPal. If the winner fails to contact us within 3 days (wrong e-mail etc.), he she loses the prize. The website operator reserves the right to modify or cancel this competition. No prizes are claimable and enforceable. By submitting your e-mail, you express your consent to the use of your e-mail for marketing purposes.

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